About Us

Office Concept is a magazine with an editorial focus on the office interior design marketplace. Headquartered in Malaysia published 3 times a year, every issue of Office Concept features an array of outstanding design projects, the latest office products across all disciplines, interviews with progressive business leaders, and industry news. In tandem with a growing demand for green living, state-of-the-art green technologies and innovations geared for the work environment, a section highlighting sustainability topics also forms part of our editorial content. With its sleek, cutting-edge design and look, Office Concept sets out to be a source guide for both suppliers of office-related products and services as well as consumers since its inception in 2007.Office Concept strives to distinguish itself from the competition for its professional business practices, ethics and standard-setting reputation. The magazine is not only committed to high-quality content and production values, but is resolute about separating advertising from editorial. In short, we have made it our mission to engage readers and serve as a sound business partner with advertisers and vendors.

Not only do we invite our readers to get up to speed with office-related businesses by featuring trail-blazing products and their re-editions, we also introduce readers to leading designers for commercial environments who embrace a forward-looking philosophy of designing smart work spaces, and a legacy of pragmatic and foolproof workplace design.

Our mission

Office Concept, as a progressive business media brand in Asia, strives to inspire a new breed of innovative and creative thought leaders who are actively inventing the future of office-related business. Our editorial combination of engaging and informative narratives is focused on provoking advertisers and readers alike to think beyond traditional limits, to act proactively and, to celebrate change.