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Space Matrix Bangkok Thailand Interiors

The new boutique penthouse loft office of Space Matrix & Blink.

Space Matrix has emerged as a one of the strongest players in the design industry globally, placing recently as the 23rd largest design firm in the world in terms of revenue, while commanding top 10 status among the world’s best workplace and office design firms.

The company has one of the strongest regional presences in Southeast Asia, and Bangkok has risen to prominence as the Singapore-based firm’s central hub for design excellence. Its Bangkok team has risen from just 6 when the Bangkok office was opened five years ago to a thriving stronghold of more than 100 creative talents today.

Thailand has proven to be a rich pool of design talent locally as well as an attractive destination for international designers who yearn to experience not only the exoticism of the country and the region but also getting numerous opportunities for career development in design. Thailand now has a well-earned reputation as one of the most competitive centres of design and modern development, particularly in workplace, architecture and

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Space Matrix Bangkok

Park Ventures Bangkok Thailand Interiors

The Park Ventures Ecoplex in Bangkok sought the perfect meeting space for a business world that now exists without borders. The design, therefore, had to be modern, warm and welcoming yet flexible enough for professional, multinational businesspeople to what it is they do best. The Space Matrix Victor Club concept took the organic shape of the space and provided an alternative look and feel to the meeting venue. An outdoor garden can be accessed from the meeting facility, while back inside you can find the most advanced audiovisual systems, wireless technology, LCD projectors, and Thailand’s first commercial Telepresence meeting room – all tucked away within the Victor Club’s environmentally friendly surrounds. …

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Park Ventures

Clifford Chance Singapore Interiors

After winning a successful pitch, Justin Young of Clifford Chance asked a number of companies to design an “updated, more modern look” to their new head office in Singapore, while staying within their Global Brand guidelines. Space Matrix’s solution was chosen because it provided more than was expected.

Space Matrix was fortunate enough to work with a very open-minded client who could see the value in creative design. They managed to introduce a Walnut timber which slightly steered away from the more traditional timber in their other offices, and helped them give a more up-to-date look.

With the reception and pantry being either side of the mains services core, the concept was all about “connecting” – connecting people and connecting the creative design, making this separation a “plus”. With two full-length Walnut veneer ceiling “runways” being a common detail in both of these areas, the concept was linked visually from the lift lobby. These ceiling runways were then repeated on the floor, with the central floor and ceiling areas finished white, enabling these perimeter areas to stand out. …

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Clifford Chance