Clifford Chance Singapore

Clifford Chance Singapore Interiors

After winning a successful pitch, Justin Young of Clifford Chance asked a number of companies to design an “updated, more modern look” to their new head office in Singapore, while staying within their Global Brand guidelines. Space Matrix’s solution was chosen because it provided more than was expected.

Space Matrix was fortunate enough to work with a very open-minded client who could see the value in creative design. They managed to introduce a Walnut timber which slightly steered away from the more traditional timber in their other offices, and helped them give a more up-to-date look.

With the reception and pantry being either side of the mains services core, the concept was all about “connecting” – connecting people and connecting the creative design, making this separation a “plus”. With two full-length Walnut veneer ceiling “runways” being a common detail in both of these areas, the concept was linked visually from the lift lobby. These ceiling runways were then repeated on the floor, with the central floor and ceiling areas finished white, enabling these perimeter areas to stand out.

Using the color blue from the Clifford Chance guidelines, three main meeting rooms in the reception essentially formed a glass box, with double-glazed glass frames concealed in the floor and ceiling, giving the visual effect that it was emerging from the floor and disappearing into the ceiling. Inside the meeting room were Acoustic Walnut-clad walls and a central Barrisol ceiling light feature.

Adjacent to the reception was the main board room with two smaller meeting rooms all divided by collapsible walls enabling maximum use of the space for all-hands meetings, presentations and entertainment functions. All of the rooms were equipped with projectors and flat-screen TVs with video conferencing capabilities.

The limited palette of Walnut veneer and blue filmed glass was continued through to the main office area where the frames to the glass perimeter lawyers’ offices were finished in Walnut veneer, with Walnut finished doors. A series of strategically placed break-out areas and a library were all contained with full-height blue glass screens with Walnut-clad walls, creating intimate private spaces.

The pantry area had a series of loose tables and chairs and booth seating by the window where a bamboo ceiling was introduced, along with orange-and-green finishes from their brand guidelines to give the space a more colorful feel. The actual functional pantry had cupboards finished in black laminate with green back colored glass on the walls.

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