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The new boutique penthouse loft office of Space Matrix & Blink.

Space Matrix has emerged as a one of the strongest players in the design industry globally, placing recently as the 23rd largest design firm in the world in terms of revenue, while commanding top 10 status among the world’s best workplace and office design firms.

The company has one of the strongest regional presences in Southeast Asia, and Bangkok has risen to prominence as the Singapore-based firm’s central hub for design excellence. Its Bangkok team has risen from just 6 when the Bangkok office was opened five years ago to a thriving stronghold of more than 100 creative talents today.

Thailand has proven to be a rich pool of design talent locally as well as an attractive destination for international designers who yearn to experience not only the exoticism of the country and the region but also getting numerous opportunities for career development in design. Thailand now has a well-earned reputation as one of the most competitive centres of design and modern development, particularly in workplace, architecture and hospitality design.

Space Matrix Bangkok is now one of the region’s strongest workplace design hubs servicing millions of square feet of turnkey and design consultancy workplace projects within Southeast Asia, India and Australia. Bangkok is the home of the Space Matrix Design Excellence Center, which is a pool of the best international creative talents that produces concepts and creations in workplace and hospitality design for the company across the board.

The growth of the Bangkok office has facilitated a move from the firm’s humble offices in the Zuellig building in Silom Road to a very prestigious location in the financial district. Space Matrix Bangkok now commands the entire 30th floor penthouse of the Bangkok City Tower. With breathtaking views of Bangkok, the 8m loft ceiling enabled the design team to create and build a fantastic metal mezzanine structure which overlooks the open offices. This turned the 8,000 square foot space into a 12,000 sq foot double height space which allows for the aggressive expansion of the office to 125 in 2013.

Since the acquisition of the highly awarded hospitality design firm BLINK, which now shares the new Space Matrix Bangkok office, the collaboration between the workplace and the hospitality design teams has given rise to a new and reinvigorated design culture in the company with a strong influence of hospitality design in the way it approaches workplace design. This teamwork has proven a new and successful formula for the firm, not only in Bangkok but across its entire international operations.

With the firm’s philosophy of collaboration, the Bangkok team has been using a new model of “the influence of hospitality in workplace design”, with the new Bangkok office being its priority model project. The concept of the team was to highlight the beauty of the massive double height volume space of the penthouse and maximise the commanding views of Bangkok, by day and night. By creating the steel mezzanine structure and retaining the high exposed ceilings, the team has successfully realized a ‘Manhattan boutique loft’ feel for its smart new space.

Entering the office’s dramatic reception, you immediately get the rush of being in an ultra modern boutique space as you are greeted by a sleek reception desk in black stone and textured resin. The back wall in black stone is highlighted with a video wall in a high polished stainless steel casing. This showcases animation of award winning works for both Space Matrix and BLINK. The floor is light engineered oak in a herringbone pattern giving the warmth and cosiness of a high-end loft residence. The ceiling is a black metal mesh that imparts an industrial modern vibe. Large glass partitions lend a more intimate feel to the open plan office space. The furniture is sleek and modern and inspired by hospitality design.

The reception leads on to the main meeting rooms which were created as a yin-yang design, bearing the balancing touches of workplace and hospitality design. On the right, the ‘Hong Sawang’, or ‘light room’ has a more formal corporate feel with light finishes. Its elegant white marble stone boardroom table, champagne mirrors and light veneered walls are at once sophisticated and corporate.

To the left is the ‘Hong Salua’ or ‘dark room’. This room is the yang to the light room’s yin, and bears a much more ‘hospitality design’ influence. In dark finishes, continuing the black metal mesh ceiling of the reception and having dark veneers and black magnetic boards making the space more relaxed. While the light room is used as a main library and training room, the dark room with its modular furniture can easily be transformed from a conference room to a training room, plus a superb event space for parties, supplier presentations, exhibitions, client meetings and town hall meetings.

Entering the main floor, one finds a ‘runway’ of brown carpet and set within a hallway of vertical batons of dark veneer. This leads to the grand open office space which immediately draws the eye upwards to the soaring ceiling by use of industrial pendants hung from platforms of painted beige. Main walls are left in raw concrete, which juxtaposes dramatically with the jet black carpet and the spectacular metal structure of the mezzanine itself. Underneath the staircase, a Zen garden with raked pebbles and carefully placed greenery exudes a sense of calm.

Breakout pantry and services areas are located within the main floor under the mezzanine structure in a more informal yet comfortably chic setting. Upon ascending to the mezzanine, the experience is heightened by the surprise splash of colour of an exposed red brick wall, kept from the original design in this space. Exposed diagonal large black metal L beams serve as support and suspension for the entire mezzanine floor, enhancing the Manhattan loft ambience.

This uber-cool suspended space is home to Space Matrix’s gurus of animation, the animation excellence center, renowned for taking 3D visuals and animations for the firm’s designs to another level within the industry. There is also a ‘design laboratory’; a casual meeting space used for collaboration and brainstorming by the design teams.

Space Matrix has once more expanded the horizon of what is possible with this stunning new penthouse loft space. Its buzzing hive of designing minds now has a fittingly chic, functional and talk-of-the-town space to call home.

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