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Redefining 21st Century Collaborative Workplace

It’s no surprise Bene is taking a more pragmatic approach, rolling out furniture that isn’t just about incorporating modern gadgetry, but largely about promoting teamwork, collaboration and productivity at the workplace.

PARCS – Designed by Pearson Lloyd for Bene

PARCS is a new concept in office design and interior architecture.  It is a unique furniture programme able to create an inspiring work environment that promotes spontaneous exchange, personal encounters and team work.  The PARCS elements are designed to work individually and collectively to create areas for group collaboration and individual privacy, whilst also fulfilling ergonomic requirements and media integration.

“Most managers think that if you are away from your desk, you’re not working. It needs progressiveness to recognise that someone who sits on a sofa can still be creating value for the company.” Tom Lloyd of PearsonLloyd …

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PARCS - Idea Wall

Discover Electrifying Differences

“With modern day transformation, these sources of power are eager to switch things up. It’s no longer a trivial element in interior design.”

It is indeed rare to find a design for a cover plate which can be as tightly integrated into any interior as the Lithoss range of switches and sockets. Handmade to perfection, its clean, sober and simplistic design aims to become part of any interiors, resulting in a balanced environment. In addition to aesthetics, Lithoss also carefully considered the aspect of user experience. The switch mechanism is  designed to allow just a gentle touch of ‘clicking’ to power up. Easily mounted on walls or flush mounted, these award-winning products from Belgium cater to a wide range of audience.

SELECT – Choose from the timeless classics.

SELECT stands for the well-known traditional, designer Lithoss switches. These high-end designer switches which are handmade after the machine process, are produced in exclusive finishes such as stainless steel, Zincor, Zamac, brass, etc. …

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Awe-Inspiring Style & Comfort

Kokuyo’s Epiphy is testament as to why the Japanese are known for their exceptional style, intricate detailing and awe-inspiring innovation.

Since time in memorial, the Land of the Rising Sun has been inspiring and pioneering exceptional design and high quality products. Be it fashion or automobiles, sanitary ware or kitchen utensils, design aficionados all over the globe are left in awe almost every single time they come into contact with these sometimes whimsical yet innovative product offerings. Their attention to detail, robust vision and intricate detailing remain the key pillars of product creativity.

True to form, many were found to be both excited and impressed with Kokuyo’s latest Epiphy range of flip top tables.  Designed predominantly for elegance and ease of use, the flowing curves and graceful design is testament as to why the Epiphy is the preferred choice for training, meetings and conferences. All components have their own distinct design and as a result, this elegant flip top table has successfully garnered design accolades including the IF Award and Good Design Award. …

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Kokuyo - Epiphy

The Look of SOLO!

Versalink’s latest desking series ‘SOLO’ not only matches up in terms of looks, more importantly, it is designed for the user.

The look of today’s modern office often mirrors the company’s business aspirations. Industry leaders have also come to realise that employees work flow plays pivotal role in deciding how an office will eventually look and function. Global researches have shown that a well-designed and planned workspace greatly impacts productivity levels. By allowing a conducive workspace, employees able to work comfortably, communicate with ease and think out of box. These workspaces are designed to create a sense of belonging.

Seeing the Value of Personal Work Space

Leading corporate interior designers affirms the fact that, a stylish office induces great sense of importance and valued among the workforce. The trend of having employees involved in the design and built process are becoming a popular practise.  Designers would interact directly with end users to understand better workspace movement and …

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Versalink - Solo