Innovative Office Furniture

PARCS – Redefining 21st Century Collaborative Workplace

It’s no surprise Bene is taking a more pragmatic approach, rolling out furniture that isn’t just about incorporating modern gadgetry, but largely about promoting teamwork, collaboration and productivity at the workplace.

PARCS – Designed by Pearson Lloyd for Bene

PARCS is a new concept in office design and interior architecture.  It is a unique furniture programme able to create an inspiring work environment that promotes spontaneous exchange, personal encounters and team work.  The PARCS elements are designed to work individually and collectively to create areas for group collaboration and individual privacy, whilst also fulfilling ergonomic requirements and media integration.

“Most managers think that if you are away from your desk, you’re not working. It needs progressiveness to recognise that someone who sits on a sofa can still be creating value for the company.” Tom Lloyd of PearsonLloyd

PARCS creates zones in an office that enhance the productivity and the well-being of a company’s employees by facilitating various ways of working such as meeting, presenting, learning, brainstorming, focusing, reading or touch-down.  By providing this type of multifunctional working environment, clients tell us that PARCS enhances communication and cooperation as well as contemplation and concentration, “We don’t consider PARCS to be a predefined product but rather something that evolves along with changing technologies.” Luke Pearson of PearsonLloyd

PARCS is perfectly suited to Bene’s philosophy of ‘me’ and ‘we’ places for ‘smart working’.

We-Places are designed for communal activities.  These areas include meeting and conference rooms as well as receptions, cafeterias and lounges. Usually located in traditional central zones, these are areas for spontaneous collaboration, stand-up meetings, and presentation spaces, plus workshops and discussions in small, informal settings. They are not only accessible to all permanent and temporary office users, but also to visitors and guests.

Me-Place zones offer space for concentrated work and privacy – primarily in an open office. These spaces include areas such as Touch Downs for temporary workers or visitors, think tanks, libraries and recreation zones. Undisturbed, focused work is promoted through the enhanced sound insulation these areas provide.

The range boasts open structures and spatial flexibility, and is inspiring, diverse and multifaceted.  Smart Working means: Employees don’t just work at their own desks, but also at shifting locations inside and outside the office: The concept is to choose the place you need.

Bene divides the office into Workplaces for classic workstations, We-Places for communication and cooperation and Me-Places for focused solo work or recreation. The concept promotes creativity and innovation by providing versatile places for communication, cooperation, concentration and. The office becomes a living space, divided into a variety of zones and areas, similar to an urban landscape — perfectly tuned in to the specific work processes and day-to-day requirements of workers.

Bene: Knowledge Leader in New Ways of Working

Founded in 1790, Bene started to manufacture office furniture on an industrial level in 1951 and has been the undisputed market leader in Austria since the early 1970’s.

The Bene Group now has and with 85 points of sale in 35 countries and over 1,340 employees worldwide.  2012 has seen a rapid growth of Bene in the Asia Pacific market with showrooms opening in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney and Melbourne, with Beijing and Brisbane to follow this year and a relocation and expansion of the Singapore showroom.

Together with customers and partners, Bene develops innovative office solutions that present workflow, culture and corporate identity spatially.

Bene believes that there is a clear connection between the design of working environments and the success of a company.   By combining over 200 years’ experience of product manufacture together with ongoing research into new ways of working, Bene has become a knowledge leader in ‘Smart Working’ and can provide a strategic tool for clients to retain and attract staff as well as drive efficiencies, productivity and collaboration in the workplace.

PARCS - Idea Wall