Innovative Switches

Discover Electrifying Differences

“With modern day transformation, these sources of power are eager to switch things up. It’s no longer a trivial element in interior design.”

It is indeed rare to find a design for a cover plate which can be as tightly integrated into any interior as the Lithoss range of switches and sockets. Handmade to perfection, its clean, sober and simplistic design aims to become part of any interiors, resulting in a balanced environment. In addition to aesthetics, Lithoss also carefully considered the aspect of user experience. The switch mechanism is  designed to allow just a gentle touch of ‘clicking’ to power up. Easily mounted on walls or flush mounted, these award-winning products from Belgium cater to a wide range of audience.

SELECT – Choose from the timeless classics.

SELECT stands for the well-known traditional, designer Lithoss switches. These high-end designer switches which are handmade after the machine process, are produced in exclusive finishes such as stainless steel, Zincor, Zamac, brass, etc.

IMMIX – Imagine and Mix.

With the IMMIX collection, Lithoss offers designer switches that are adaptable to various preferences. With more than 50,000 possible combinations, modern day interiors can be easily personalised and fitted to character. These combinations are made possible with the high end finishes available in the SELECT range. One can choose the finishing of the frame and button(s) and combine it with a second finish for the cover plate. This way, customers can easily create his or her very own premium switches. Possible combinations include white and chrome, stainless steel and fusain or black and white.

ILLUME – Brings your vivid imagination to light.

ILLUME is Lithoss’ latest product range to hit the market. This innovative range combines functions, switch, technology and lighting all in one element. It features a frame that diffuses light in all four sides, creating and influencing ambience.  Its ability to “glow in the dark” offers specific themes for each room, be it bright white, intense red, warm orange or powerful blue.

Lithoss European designed switches:

  • Are available in a wide variety of finishes
  • Have garnered three prestigious design awards
  • Can be customised to fit the interior space
  • Undergo a meticulous production process
  • Are all finished by hand
  • Can be engraved to ensure each cover plate is unique