Office Desking System

Awe-Inspiring Style & Comfort

Kokuyo’s Epiphy is testament as to why the Japanese are known for their exceptional style, intricate detailing and awe-inspiring innovation.

Since time in memorial, the Land of the Rising Sun has been inspiring and pioneering exceptional design and high quality products. Be it fashion or automobiles, sanitary ware or kitchen utensils, design aficionados all over the globe are left in awe almost every single time they come into contact with these sometimes whimsical yet innovative product offerings. Their attention to detail, robust vision and intricate detailing remain the key pillars of product creativity.

True to form, many were found to be both excited and impressed with Kokuyo’s latest Epiphy range of flip top tables.  Designed predominantly for elegance and ease of use, the flowing curves and graceful design is testament as to why the Epiphy is the preferred choice for training, meetings and conferences. All components have their own distinct design and as a result, this elegant flip top table has successfully garnered design accolades including the IF Award and Good Design Award.

Evoking timeless-ness and championing aesthetics are not only its main focuses. The Epiphy is also carefully developed to apply ergonomic principles, aimed at preventing a variety of conditions such as back pain and carpal tunnel. When designing the Epiphy, KokuyO was careful to not ignore the functional aspects as well. Working suitably best in training rooms, the Epiphy can be easily reconfigured for group work with each table easily usable for various activities.

Key features of the Epiphy:

  • Large easy-to-hold handles to ensure reliability and it is easy to operate.
  • Large wiring duct for proper cable management.
  • Large diameter castors and a levelling function (up to 10mm) enable stable placement and easy portability, even on uneven floors.
  • Stackable for efficient storage
  • Safe and secure operation – the unique opening mechanism prevents the possibility of trapped fingers.


Established in 1905, Kokuyo has been in the business of producing products that considers the users’ point of view. To-date, it’s making significant contribution to the growth of Japan’s economy by delivering a wide variety of products ranging from office furniture to stationery items to its global customers.

Kokuyo - Epiphy