Office System

The Look of SOLO!

Versalink’s latest desking series ‘SOLO’ not only matches up in terms of looks, more importantly, it is designed for the user.

The look of today’s modern office often mirrors the company’s business aspirations. Industry leaders have also come to realise that employees work flow plays pivotal role in deciding how an office will eventually look and function. Global researches have shown that a well-designed and planned workspace greatly impacts productivity levels. By allowing a conducive workspace, employees able to work comfortably, communicate with ease and think out of box. These workspaces are designed to create a sense of belonging.

Seeing the Value of Personal Work Space

Leading corporate interior designers affirms the fact that, a stylish office induces great sense of importance and valued among the workforce. The trend of having employees involved in the design and built process are becoming a popular practise.  Designers would interact directly with end users to understand better workspace movement and daily work flow thus crafting an ideal personal workspace.

The understanding of personal work space is an essential step, where during the selection for office furniture it must be able to meet the functional needs for the end user. Malaysian-based leading manufacturer and exporter of office system furniture, Versalink have been in the industry for the past three decades understands well the value of personal work space. In recent years, the company has been collaborating with Italian designers to develop a wide range of office system solutions and recently unveiled the latest desking series ‘SOLO’ predominately catering to the needs of the user.

SOLO’s look derived from sheer lines, a reflection of minimalism which expresses futuristic opinion in defining modern office furniture. This range of office furniture is revolutionary, yet versatile to complement a variety of design concepts. The sleek look of SOLO office system is an enabler in projecting professional disposition with great functionality.

Designed with the User in Mind

The worktop for SOLO comes in various configuration and sizes to fit any user’s requirements from rectangular, L-shape with curve, piano-shaped and also 120 degrees formation. The worktop is made of 25mm thickness laminated particle board, commonly known as melamine faced-chipboard (MFC) which meets the ROHS Directive 2002/95/EC standards. This material comes in many colours with a smooth working surface. As a comprehensive office system, SOLO able to provide configurations from single table setup to a multi-user desk workstation. With complementing add-ons such as cable management system, cabinet units, desk and stationary accessories, this stretches the same system into an array of options for the needs of the users. Messy phone lines, data and electrical cables can be neatly organized in a concealed slim box for a clutter free looking office. With accessory rails fitted in, stationary accessories including trays, pen and phone holders can be easily fixed in facilitating a user-friendly yet organized workspace.

As organization continues to evolve, it also contours the transformation of workspace. With this in the basis of design, Versalink has a proven credential in manufacturing, distribution and export of office system furniture. Committed and recognised for high quality furniture, design and workmanship, Versalink aims to continuously improve through the blend of better production techniques, supply chain, customer service, environmental responsibility and design innovation.

Versalink - Solo