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Styling Spaces to a T/ Shagufta Anurag

Founder, MD and Chief Design Officer of Space Matrix

I am happy to say that we have very good design talent within the firm who are women and have seen the same with the interns who choose to work with us. The challenges that they have experienced elsewhere only make them stronger.

Shagufta Anurag is among a new breed of interior designer – young, energetic, enterprising – who is not only holding her own, but getting ahead in the highly competitive Architect & Design game. Taking her belief that a workspace design should be a bold reflection of a company’s corporate culture and brand identity, Shagufta founded the Singapore-based Space Matrix in 2001 with the main mission of creating workspaces that “inspire an audience, engage the user and have long-term value.” Since then, the interior design firm has completed a long list of exemplary corporate, hospitality, building design and retail projects, and earned industry recognition, garnering awards for “Best Office Interior in India” and “Most Outstanding Project in the Commercial Sector.”

Q: Given the trend towards eco-conscious office designs, describe the underlying philosophy of the design work of Space Matrix as it relates to the environment.

A: At Space Matrix we believe less is more – in our approach to sustainability as well …

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Shagufta Anurag

Kokuyo Makes a Firm Stand for Office Ergonomics & Efficiency

Toru Hagiwara – Managing Director, Kokuyo Singapore

The office is now not just a place to work, but an incubator in generating ideas, and hence office furniture should be designed to make employees more interactive, collaborative and creative.

With a growing momentum towards ergonomic diversity and upright work in the digital age, it is no surprise that 107 year-old Japan-based office furniture manufacturer, Kokuyo, has continued to be on the forefront in designing forward-looking furniture. Adhering to a manufacturing ethos of melding the two important elements of people and design into a single entity, Kokuyo remains committed to delivering on quality products valued by everyone, a concept that can be traced to its founder’s philosophy of giving back to society. Since 2003, Kokuyo furniture products have won several highly-acclaimed international awards. In 2012, its MADRE couch garnered the Universal Design Award, an award that celebrates design concepts that make products, devices, surroundings and systems usable to as many people as possible.

Toru Hagiwara, the MD of Kokuyo Singapore, shares his philosophy to Office Concept …

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Toru Hagiwara